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You should be able to describe the nature of enzyme molecules and relate their activity to temperature and pH changes. For an object moving at constant speed the distance travelled in a specific time can be calculated using the equation: The leaf is a plant organ.

Mechanical adaptations Thorns and hairs deter animals from eating or touching them. You should be able to determine speed from a distance—time graph.

You should have investigated the effect of pH on the rate of reaction of amylase enzyme by using a continuous sampling technique to determine the time taken to completely digest a starch solution at a range of pH values.

The movement of food through phloem tissue is called translocation.

Past papers

Physical defence response adaptation to resist microorganisms Cellulose cell walls tough waxy cuticle on leaves layers of dead cells around stems bark on trees which fall off taking pathogens with them. White blood cells help to protect the body against infection. Bacteria can be grown in a nutrient broth solution or as colonies on an agar gel plate.

To treat some diseases: Many diseases are caused by the interaction of a number of factors. This reduces the flow of blood through the coronary arteries, resulting in a lack of oxygen for the heart muscle.

The stomach produces acid which kills the majority of pathogens which enter via the mouth.


Some glucose is used in respiration. Be able to translate information between graph and numerical form, plot and draw appropriate graphs, selecting appropriate scales for axes and extract and interpret information from graphs, charts and tables.

Risk factors are linked to an increased rate of a disease. Very low doses of the drug are given at the start of the clinical trial. Xylem tissue transports water and mineral ions from the roots to the stems and leaves. Examples of non-contact forces are gravitational force, electrostatic force and magnetic force.

You should understand that the results of testing and trials are published only after scrutiny by peer review. If a pathogen enters the body the immune system tries to destroy the pathogen.

Knowledge of the lungs is restricted to the trachea, bronchi, alveoli and the capillary network surrounding the alveoli. You should appreciate the differences in magnification and resolution between a light microscope and an electron microscope. It has become a specialised cell.

Temperature must be controlled by use of a water bath or electric heater. The speed of a moving object is rarely constant. Plus you can use a mix of questions types and add images to really test yourself.

There are also genetic risk factors for some cancers.AS Papers and GCSE papers to help with exam practice. Largest database of past papers for OCR, AQA and Edexcel exam past papers.

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Revision summary help for the AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy 2nd physics exam paper - learning objectives. AQA GCSE Grade Combined Science Trilogy Physics Paper 6 2F 2H - AQA (Grade ) GCSE Combined Science Physics Paper 2 Topic 22 "Forces", Topic 23 "Waves", Topic 24 "Magnetism and electromagnetism".

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Past papers

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Find past papers and mark schemes for AQA exams, and specimen papers for new courses. The GCSE exam papers are based on various questions around the GCSE sylabus and can be used as a key aid for reviewing past exam questions and newly derived questions.

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Past gcse science papers online
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